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Equi-Strath® Thyme

Equi-Strath® Thyme – Helps combat your horse’s coughs

Equi-Strath® Thyme is a natural product to support bronchial function, ease breathing and alleviate respiratory problems. It can also be used for sports horses because it doesn’t contain any doping substances. No undesirable side effects are known.

Decisive advantages at a glance:

  • Unique combination of yeast and herbs
  • Contains thyme for improved bronchial and respiratory function
  • Free from artificially produced substances and preservatives
  • May be given over long periods
  • Free from doping substances (KRZ 48h)
  • Very well tolerated

Equi-Strath Thyme – the unique feed supplement and tonic – is characterised by its natural, balanced composition. It is rich in vital substances left in their natural state. It contains vegetable protein, fat and carbohydrates, as well as 11 vitamins, 19 minerals (including calcium, phosphorus, iron and selenium), 20 amino acids and 11 general building substances. Equi-Strath Thyme also contains thyme leaves and primula extract. It is the combination of all the ingredients that makes Strath unique. Discover our world of Strath vital substances.

Composition: Plasmolysed herbal yeast, thyme-leaf and primula-root extracts, malt, honey, orange syrup

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